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With a priority of total customer satisfaction, all projects are developed under the supervision and in consultation with the founder, a mechanical engineer graduate of the Polytechnique Federal School of Lausanne who happens to have a strong and successful experience in advanced composite materials related industries (nautical, aerospace, automobile).



Based on the preparatory work, we validate with you the specifications and design of your product to ensure your complete satisfaction.



We are offering all our technical expertise and our ingenuity to process your idea into a reality.
We provide specialized technical advice on the development of your product (calculation of structural strength, innovative materials: fiber, core, resin).
For the most basic concepts as well as for the most complex projects, we develop intelligent, creative and reliable solutions.



Our R&D team benefits from the best CAD/Design softwares. Their performance and reputation ensure compatibility when exchanging files between 3MB and its customers.



Whenever necessary, a realistic 3D rendering is carefully designed to visualize your product in context.




The raw materials used in the conception of our advanced composite materials (glass fibers, carbon fibers, natural fiber, resins, souls …) are carefully selected.
We also produce more technical and complex parts incorporating inserts (e.g. steel, stainless, aluminum…) provided by our network of qualified suppliers.


During the prototyping phase, the work of engineers conducted with our skilled workers, allows us to obtain prototypes with a flawless finish (surface aspect) and high-tech (geometry). This ensures maximum efficiency in the production phase.


Innovative molding techniques are regularly and on demand, studied and tested by our teams (hand layup, light RTM, resin infusion …).


If necessary, the use of a numerically controlled machine tool allows us to build prototypes presenting a complex geometry.




Our factory is an advanced production facility, suitable for series production of advanced composite parts (premises of 2500m²: controlled atmosphere room, vacuum pump, injection machine…).


At 3MB, innovation is also reflected in the production phase. Our employees are invited, regardless of their function, to submit innovative and creative solutions for processes and production space optimization (e.g. introduction of a movable paint cabin to minimize the movement of parts in the factory).


Our skilled workers, working on different production jobs (painting, laminating, stripping, assembling and finishing), comply with established production procedures (SOP). Our production supervisor continuously oversees our teams and ensures compliance with instructions on procedures, safety and environmental care.


At 3MB, we believe that the quality of finishes is of the upmost importance. A team of skilled workers is dedicated to meticulous finishing, which allows us to offer an unparalleled quality of surface (mirror polished).
In addition, our production process includes performing internal quality control at each step with immediate management of non-conformities.



We aim to be the leader in South East Asia in advanced composite materials through our superiority in Technique, Proficiency and Excellence which are the 3 pillars of our organization and which lead to total customer satisfaction.

“I personally invite you to evaluate 3MB, I am confident
you will be greatly satisfied with our first-class turnkey solutions.”
Corentin Legris – MD


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Advanced composite materials have broad, proven applications in nautical, transport, design and sports sectors. Their applications are virtually limitless; please browse our portfolio to see some of the products we have been working on.


Corentin Legris is a man of passion who has a background of mechanical engineer from Polytechnique Federal School of Lausanne in Switzerland (EPFL) and who has been refining his expertise in nautical sector (Alibi) for years. He benefited from his skills and ingenuity in favor of a new entity that he created in Bangkok. He surrounded himself with a team of skilled engineers and workers who, together, raised 3MB to be a major player in industrial production of advanced composite parts in South-East Asia.

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