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Composite Materials In The Production Of Furniture

Posted on 18 Jun 2014 in Blog | 0 comments

Most of us have heard of composites and their uses. We’ll refresh your memory if you’re wondering what composites are used for. Typically, we see composite materials used in a variety of applications. More specifically, composites are used in the production of boats, airplanes like the Stealth Bomber, and nautical uses in boats and ships.

This mold-able component has been used for over five decades, however thanks to the ongoing improvements in technology and the way composites are manufactured, these products have taken a giant leap forward. We have seen major benefits which outweigh other traditional methods of production and the concept has changed the way we construct products. Without a doubt, composite material use has not only eliminated costs associated with production and maintenance, but has also been proven to be a safer material to use.

So, now that you have an idea of what composites typical uses are, can you think of any other uses this amazing material might be used for? How about furnishings? Yep, it’s true!

The use of the composites in Furniture

We see composite material used in some pretty cool furnishings designed to add flare, durability and style to the designs of products. In fact, not only will you see composites in your office chairs, but desks, tables, stools, bathtubs and even cool space aged light switch covers.

Composites in furniture

While the composites used are designed to create a product that is more durable than others, it is also is used to make furnishings more flexible and appealing to the eye. Composite material can create some pretty cool furniture which may make you feel like your living in the space age. For all intents and purposes however, we really are living in that era!

What makes the composites suitable for furniture production

Composites really have come along way since the early years and business is absolutely booming in the industry. You’re probably wondering what’s the big deal right? How did composites become so popular? Well, quite honestly, it’s relatively simple. This durable matter can be shaped into forms other material can’t. It is also structurally more stable and cost effective when producing.

Additionally, composite material can be formed to be much stronger than natural resources like wood, more flexible than steel and can be made to be water resistant. For a good example of how popular the use of composites has become we really need to look no further than China. It’s amazing to see how they have capitalized on this material in everyday life.

China as the leading composite manufacturer

Reports in 2011 from the China Association of Resource Comprehension Utilization and it’s committee secretary/general Liu Jia, growth in the furniture business has exploded with output value listed at $1.62 billion dollars in U.S. currency.

Because of the limited natural resources of wood in China, this country has stepped up composite use in many of it’s products. Additionally, composite produced furniture is free from formaldehyde and other gases. The result has been extremely beneficial to the country by saving it’s forests which had become strained from over production. Currently, China uses composites in much of it’s exported furniture. Be sure to check out some cool furniture made from composite materials, your bound to be amazed!

Composites in Furniture

Like furniture, products made from composite materials are designed to save cost and create a more durable product that is not only strong but will last much longer than other materials. Composites use in furniture follows the same path as other products like bicycles, airplanes, boats. They are all created with the same concept in mind, to be more effective in both design and their long term durability. So, if you are looking for a set of furnishings that are built tough and have a unique design, check out some furniture build with composite materials.

In closing, you can see how composites have in fact come along way in our ever changing society. They help make products that are designed to withstand the elements and time in the best possible light. Unlike other natural resources like wood, this versatile material can be molded into virtually any shape we desire our products to take form of.

Because of this unique quality, composite use has become a modern way of manufacturing top notch products throughout the world. Like China, other countries have also begun to use materials of a composite nature in many of their furnishing products. We are seeing an influx in use in vehicles, boats and just about anything that can benefit from it’s use. Composites have truly changed the way our world creates many wonderful products and there are bound to be many more composite variations in the future!

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