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Examples of moldings are something that we are all exposed to everyday.

You may be wondering what exactly are the types of molding we are talking about. No, it’s not that mold that grows outside or in a refrigerator. Moldings are basically formed composites that take the form of a desired finish and finally a product like fender moldings or nautical molding composites. An example of a basic molding are crown moldings which are used as corner pieces for ceilings. To get a look at some examples of some great molding work, you really need to look no further than 3MB Co, LTD. Our company has professional molding services that use advanced composite materials to create some of the finest molds around. We have all seen the cool race cars with the modified fenders and spoilers. These are the types of professional moldings that our company creates.  Furthermore, 3MB has the training and abilities to create moldings for boats, autos and aerospace products. We are a professional company which dedicates itself to producing some of the finest moldings available today.

Alibi Catamaran 54


A professional molding is only as good as the material used in the process as well as the team creating the product.

3MB Co. LTD has a unique process that uses carefully selected materials like glass and carbon fibers as well as resin and other natural fibers. The end result is a professionally crafted mold suitable for use in a variety of applications. The company  employs some of the finest prototyping available through the expertise of it’s highly trained engineers.  The  initial prototype is a perfectly finished molding ready for use.  Engineers are trained to create a molding product that is geometrically designed to perfection.  Furthermore, the use of a numerically controlled machine tool allows for more complex geometry capable of creating some amazing works. 3MB Co. LTD  is an advanced production company capable of creating some of the finest moldings around. Under close supervision, the molding process is finalized by the team which prides itself on the ability to create a meticulous finish. The process of molding through 3MB Co.LTD guarantees a protective finish able to withstand the elements, a quality obtained due to the attention to detail in the molding process.   If you have ever wanted to design a state of the art molding guaranteed to be an amazing product, then you’ll want to take a look at the modeling prototypes 3MB Co.LTD has in store.  The company professionals have the ability to model your design and create a molding concept for your idea. The team also has the ability to provide their clients with the development of products, calculate the structural strength with the use of innovative materials. The R&D team also uses the finest CAD design software’s in their modeling process, ensuring a model of the finest design. Additionally the team has the ability to create models for aerospace, nautical and automobile concepts. Finally, the company can create a realistic 3D rendering enabling you to visualize the finished product.

The manufacturing services 3MB Co. LTD offers are unparalleled.

Using the same attention to detail as with the molding and modeling development, the manufacturing department is an advanced production facility capable of creating products designed in the modeling and molding process. Employees of the company are encouraged to offer suggestions and ideas  as to how the company can further improve their services and techniques. 3MB Co. LTD’s team of manufacturing professionals pride themselves on the ability to provide mirror finishes on products, this being accomplished by the employees through years of honing their skills and attention to detail. The manufacturing phase consist of various molding applications as well. The complete process from molding to modeling and finally manufacturing is the result of five types of injecting molding. These types are painting, laminating, stripping, assembly and finishing. Take a look here to see how the typical molding process works.   This blog touches briefly on the different aspects of molding, modeling and the manufacturing process employed by 3MB Co.LTD. This innovative company uses a state of the art facility to create a functional finished molding product guaranteed be a beautiful piece of work as well as having the ability to withstand a variety of conditions. 3MB Co. LTD, located in Southeast Asia is a major player in industrial production of advanced composite parts.

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