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The Most Common Carbon Fiber Application

Posted on 18 May 2016 in Blog | 0 comments

Also known as Graphite Fiber, Carbon Fiber is a heavy duty, fixed, lightweight material that surpassed the compositions of any metal and is commonly used in high performance products like race cars, sports equipment and aircrafts. Invented in Cleveland Ohio in 1958, it is one of the best elements that are yet to be discovered more by science because of the various things it can contribute to different industries.

Some of the properties it composes are as follows

  • It is stronger than metal
  • Inelasticity
  • Controls corrosion
  • Conducts electricity
  • Controls weakness of equipment
  • Malleable but fragile
  • Not Flammable
  • Less possibility of thermal development
  • Non toxic
  • Biologically inactive
  • Radiolucent or X-Ray Penetrable
  • Self-Emollient
  • Excellent EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) Protective Property
  • Reasonably  Pricey
  • Requires learned experience and equipment

Distinguishing the progress for the property of interest is one of the most crucial aspects when creating products with carbon fiber. Unlike other materials such as carbon fibers, metals and composites in general, they are considered as anisotropic materials; meaning, the material’s properties are “directionally dependent”.

One concrete example is that of a piece of wood. The wood’s strength is relatively dependent to that of the grain’s orientation. Same as with the use of carbon fiber on products; it is relatively dependent to the orientation of the fiber, which serves as the grain.

On the other hand, the aforementioned anisotropic materials have the same properties in all aspects making them isotropic ones.

Listed below are the commonly used applications with Carbon Fiber. With its variety of usage, it can be proven that Carbon Fiber is indeed the next big thing when it comes to innovations and progress in the industry of producing products that are not only interesting but also heavy duty.


Did you know that the superior strength Carbon Fibers possess is more than what a metal can do? One of the famous uses of it is that it is being used in the manufacturing of aircraft structures and components. From fighter jets to helicopters, gliders to micro lights, it is but one of the major components that completes the aforementioned, making them more of an efficient product because of its simplified maintenance and strength as mentioned earlier.


It plays a vital role in the lives of the athletes around the globe since most of their sports accessories are made up mainly of carbon fiber. It stiffens running shoes very well making it more immune to friction and pressure when playing, not to mention sticks used in ice hockey as well as golf clubs and tennis racquets. Since it has a strong composite that surpasses even that of a metal, lives have been save especially with the car racing industry since its damage tolerance is high making the racing cars stronger; also used in crash helmets. For horse riders, rock climbers and motor cyclists- involving almost all sports that involves the protection of the head from any injuries.


Just like with sports, carbon fiber supports the military with their protective helmets too. It is widely range from missiles and planes which undoubtedly provides weight reduction and strengthening at the same time. Since it has a strong composite that makes any product lasts longer, it is mostly used in products that are tested by the temperature and situation.

Every day there are new announcements with regards to the use of these fibers and the latest is its contribution to the manufacturing of miniaturized flying drones.


Even at home you can find products and furniture made out of and inspired by carbon fibers. For those who understand interior designing, they prefer bath tubs that are out of carbon since it is more sleek, unique and heavy duty. Others are coffee tables and chairs, even inspired iphone cases, bow ties and pens. Its black color brings a new look to all the ordinary things found at home.


One of the common uses of carbon fiber in the medical industry is its contribution to the medical industry. The X Radiation or X-Ray depends mostly to the carbon since it is Radiolucent or transparent to X-rays. Direct exposure to radiation is harmful to any living things that are why only authorized person are allowed when x ray is being done.

Another one is its contribution to the application of artificial limbs, prosthetics and improvises on the ligaments on the knee.


Any car units that are involved in carbon fiber are much expensive, heavy duty and the most beautiful of all. Mainly, the fiber are used in internal designs and equipment found inside the car. As well as the overall cover up of the body of the vehicle for that matter.


Carbon Fiber is a powerful absorbent that serves as a chemical purifier. It absorbs unwanted chemicals and cleanses what is just needed. Used in the process of water purification, it is one of the best element science have discovered up to this date. There is still hope for the environment if the usage of carbon fiber becomes more wide and open to the idea of incorporating it to existing products.


Despite its compositions and image that it works best in heavy duty equipment and it protects wider range of products from friction and pressure, it is also commonly used in do it yourself projects. It is beneficial and visually present even in solid sheet, cloth, thread or tube.


There are a lot that Carbon Fiber can contribute to the whole community, both that endorses progress and also making sure that the environment is not abused.

When the science industry developed this element more to something useful just like what now exists, it would really be a great help in terms of innovations and the idea of discovering unknown elements and making it beneficial for everyone.

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