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Is The Full Carbon Fiber Racing Car a Reality?

Posted on 21 Aug 2016 in Blog | 0 comments

Wouldn’t it be the dream to have a fully carbon fiber racing car zipping through the tracks? Well, that dream doesn’t seem very distant anymore.


Carbon fiber has long been touted as the material for tomorrow’s fastest cars. The ultra-light material consists  of carbon atoms bonded together in a crystal alignment which makes it extremely strong and yet lightweight.  It can withstand great amounts of heat in accelerated speeds and the low volume can mean better pickup for vehicles. Therefore, it seems to be the perfect answer to make sturdy and suave futuristic racing cars with lightning speed.


Innovation and efforts have been constantly directed toward tapping carbon fiber’s potential in car making and the results are finally apparent with cars such as Australia’s WEST LMP4


Teaming up with 3MB Co.Ltd for its entire composite parts – the Autralian sport racer car is a fine example of a fully carbon, ultra light and robust machine on wheels!

Features of the new WEST LMP4

  • Feather Light at only 400 kg, can reach to a jaw dropping speed of 300km/h
  • Ingenious Design
  • High Quality Material – Foam cores, aluminium, honeycomb and carbon fiber composites used at their best by the West team engineers


The process behind the creation of the tailor-made Molded Parts

3 MB has always been committed to innovation and R&D in various industries like automotive, aviation, industrial, furniture, marines, luxury marketing, construction (Carbon fiber wrap concrete repair works), oil and gas, over the last 5 years. And, this has allowed us to gain the expertise and experience in creating molded parts for a range of applications.

By collaborating closely with WEST, the masters and molds were created using epoxy, foam cores fiber glass etc.

The different parts were born out of our CNC machines – but we believe a finishing for the perfect shape could only have been achieved through an “artist’s touch”!

Next, the technical molded carbon fiber parts were used  by draping carbon fiber fabric over a mold and infusing it with epoxy resin. All the parts are made with 100% carbon fiber best quality in the market and vacuum infused with epoxy resin and autoclave machine.

Finally,  the press machine has been used following the different parts. To get completed parts they were cut, drilled, polished  and gel coated.

Overall, each step was undertaken with immense care and dedication, followed by strict quality control process, before finalizing in adherence to our golden sample to validate the picking process.

The End-Results


Introducing the WEST LMP4 – The fruits of the unfailing efforts is apparent in the grandeur that the agile sports racer car.

Shed some weight, gain more speed, add more style, easy assembling, comfortable drive!

Are we ready to see this beauty zipping through the race tracks? Fasten your seatbelts, as this is only the beginning.

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