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Welcome the New BIC Sport Windfoil with 3MB’s Carbon Fiber Concept

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If you’ve been meaning to step up your windsurfing game this 2017, well, you’re in luck. Recent technological advancements have led to the production of some of the best, shiniest toys there are, as of this writing.

Nowadays, successful discoveries and implementations in one field often branch out to another. Take carbon fiber, for example. When this material first started out, it was used exclusively in the aerospace industry, no thanks to the fact that it was too expensive to produce.

Then the experts stepped in and tinkered with carbon fiber, until its production didn’t put a massive dent in their wallets. As a result, other industries followed suit in adopting carbon fiber for material production. This includes the automotive, seafaring, and sporting-equipment fields.

Talking about sports, the magic that is carbon fiber has taken the windsurfing realm by storm too. This is through the form of the BIC Sport Windfoil.


Changing the Windsurfing Game

The BIC Sport Windfoil is out to change the rules and standards of windsurfing. Once you’ve hopped on the best, how can you prefer anything else?


BIC Sport Windfoil


This is precisely what the BIC Sport Windfoil and Kerfoils—one of the world’s renowned experts in foil design—collaboration aims to turn into reality. Windsurfing is a complex activity, one that’s not without its own sets of risks, and so it requires special equipment for a smooth, seamless execution.


How Carbon Fiber Improves Foils

The carbon fiber hydrofoil concept for windsurfing has only recently come about. But this “late” entry into the game doesn’t do any less to this adrenaline-filled universe, as this new concept has taken the windsurfing arena by storm.

Inspiration comes in many forms, in various methods. For the BIC Sport Windfoil, it came from the foils found exclusively in boats, or at least until the production of carbon fiber surged.

With carbon fiber in the picture, the windfoil takes on a turn for the amazing. Experts carefully crafted the foil’s design to enable you to reduce your windspeed up to 13 knots. This isn’t a fixed value, though, because once you’ve gotten the hang of windsurfing and the foil, you can even aim for a lower speed level.


Reasons to Go for Carbon Fiber

For the BIC Sport Windfoil to come into existence, manufacturers relied on not just any carbon fiber but specifically one that comes from 3MB. The company takes pride in its role as one of the top carbon fiber authorities in the field.

You can be sure of the top-notch quality of the carbon fiber from 3MB, what with the firm’s expertise in carbon fiber applications. Proof of its passion and dedication to improving composite parts is the birth of its new site in Thailand. This factory is larger, and fully equipped with the latest materials.

This is proven by the implementation of carbon fiber in the BIC Sport Windfoil. Mainly, carbon fiber adds stability to the foil. With this stability comes the smooth, seamless experience in every ride.

With this new profile comes the ability to create excellent lifts. Every lift enables you to fly quickly and smoothly. In addition, you get a new windsurfing sensation, one that’s way better than what you’re used to, of course!

Think of it as flying freely over the water. You’ve control at your fingertips. As you glide and breeze by the water, you can focus on hearing the gentle music of waves of the birds or the wind, since you move with the littlest possible noise.

Now if that isn’t taking windsurfing to an out-of-this-world level, no one will know what is.


Specifications of the Improved Windfoil

Techniques performed by the 3MB team to ensure excellent production involved the following: laminating, compressing the molding in an aluminum CNC mold, and then assembling the parts with the use of screws.

When the molds are done and formed, they’re then sent to the compression machine. This is where they’re compressed at a rating of 150 bars in order to produce parts sans scratches, bubbles, and pinholes. Thus, smooth and compressed molds are born.

The final stage kicks in, and involves several processes. Molds are trimmed, drilled, sanded, and polished. The result? Molds that are so flawless and shiny that looking at them makes you feel you’re face-to-face with the sun.

That being said, here are the technical specs of the BIC Sport Windfoil:

  • Mast height: 70 cm
  • Front-wing length: 82 cm
  • Rear-wing length: 50.5 cm
  • Material: Carbon
  • Weight: 2.6 kg
  • Deep tuttle box plug


Other Exciting Additions and Changes

The BIC Sport Windfoil was created with improved user experience in mind. Once you’re out flying over the water, you don’t have to worry yourself over control, because the product is easy to maneuver.

What’s more, BIC understands your thirst for travel, to explore new seas and fly over new water territories. Thus, the company made the windsurf foil detachable from its board. Anyone can also easily dismount both board and foil. Wherever nook in the world you want to explore, rest assured you can take your BIC Sport Windfoil with you.

What are you waiting for? Go get one, and experience the terrific changes yourself!

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