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The new snow bike made with 3BM’s amazing carbon fibre concept

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Do you want to experience the new snow bike carbon fibre concept?

2017 is a year that will be remembered. It is a year that will stand out in the history of powersports and you are there to bear witness. If you want to experience the ultimate in power sports then the only 9 words that are worth hearing are these: the new improved generation of YETI SNOWMX is here.



The YETI SNOWMX is the culmination of years of engineering and fine tuning, and has been created by none other than Kevin Forsyth, the owner of C3 PowerSports. And when someone who loves powersports is behind the creation of new powerful sporting machines, you know there is going to be an epic outcome.

This is the improved generation of bike models. This is where this was always leading. This is stronger, higher, faster over dirt or snow. This is everything you always wanted and more.

This is the buzz that surpasses all expectations. The buzz in Canada for these new YETI’s has already reached fever pitch and has created the foreseeable and understandable outcome of a fully booked manufacturer. The demand is high and keeps growing. The demand is nearly as high as the new lightweight and powerful YETI jumping a snow ramp, but not quite.

The carbon fibre concept is made at 3MB

But how is it even possible? How can the YETI be THIS MUCH improved I hear you ask. It’s a sensible question and one that has only been answered after years of testing, of prototypes, of toil and tears. Two and a half years of hard work, and of cooperation with top manufacturers all over the world. But it would not be possible without the carbon fibre concept. That is the magic ingredient.

The increased power, the limitless possibilities and the increased speed over both snow and dirt terrains is only possible with the addition of the carbon fibre concept, and this key and most high-tech component is made at 3MB.

The carbon fibre structure is unbreakable and is made to support the “no limit” effect. This allows for the extreme ride you can now have with the new YETI on both dirt and snow.

How the carbon fibre concept works

The inlaid graphics under high gloss clear-coated carbon fibre makes the YETI aesthetics go up one more notch. The part is laminated in a mould then vacuum bagged and cured in an autoclave at 6 bars to evacuate all the bubbles from the structure.

The strength of the concept is an incredible low weight ratio combined using aerospace processes calculated by professionals.

Unbelievably, it’s about 16 kilograms lighter than its main competitor and 5 times stronger than steel.

The result is a tremendous powerful new snow sensation that can climb straight up hills without turbo. You had better believe that the world of snow bike sports will not be the same anymore with the YETI on track.

How does it make the ride better?

There are many things that have improved the ride on this new model YETI. As the new carbon fibre concept makes the whole bike weigh less, it naturally has better flotation. This allows riders to get higher and further over jumps. Not to mention the impact the lighter body has on the speeds you can reach.

The new technology has also improved the gear controls, meaning you can shift into higher gears with better handling when climbing; something that other bikes just can’t achieve.

As mentioned above, all of these improvements would not have been possible without the exceptionally skilled  team of  technicians and experienced motocross and snowmobile fanatics who spent months and years agonising over each separate part. This beautiful and powerful bike did not happen by accident.

Each of the components in the YETI SNOWMX conversion kit are the result of several generations of design thoroughly tested, and where better to have tested them than in the harshest environment where the results stood out for themselves: Canada.

In this unforgivable terrain only the best bikes will do well, only the strongest and most capable technologies can survive. It was tested like this with improvements made until the team was satisfied with the result, and that was no mean feat.

The YETI SNOWMX is available through your local dealer, or from their website at https://yetisnowmx.ca/

Carbon fibre in other industries

Although the use of carbon fibre is increasing exponentially, it is not new to other industries. It has been used in the automotive industry, to improve bicycles and even in super cars. With all the benefits mentioned above, it is easy to see why.

There are also other uses of carbon fibre and if you would like to know more about this interesting and futurist material please see here.

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